Our Business

Rayacom Group’s operations span all across Canada. Our businesses offer complete printing, packaging, and sign solutions that help care for our customers’ business and personal goals. Our diverse set of businesses offers unique propositions to the needs of our clients. it signifies the incredible diversity across our businesses as we forgo short-term business gains for long-term success by taking purposeful & sustainable acquisitions.


Rayacom is Canada’s leading hub of 24-hour on-demand printing, full-service print, signs, and packaging services.

Racer Boxes

Racer Boxes, a reputable Richmond-based cardboard box manufacturer, is known for its exceptional customer service, which includes timely and dependable box delivery.

Horseshoe Press

A growing commercial printing company based in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. Printing services include prepress, offset and digital printing, large format printing, bindery


Bannerz has over a decade of experience providing grand format printing, advertising displays, and signage to global brands, marketing & design firms, and local businesses.

Imperial Printing

Imperial Printing has been operating as a commercial printing facility in Edmonton, Alberta, for over sixty years.

PCDie Inc.

PC Die (Pacific Custom Die) has been manufacturing dies and converting paper products in the Vancouver lower mainland since 1967.

New Generation

Every generation has seen its own form of the printing revolution, from wooden blocks to moveable type, to metal plates, to digital imaging. Generation printing offers the best of new technologies.