Our Strategic Capabilities

Owner-occupied real estate holdings.

Rayacom plans for the long term, using owner-occupied holdings to drive costs down and secure long-term leases with rent control. As a result, we protect our business from drastic changes in the market. This enables our locations to focus on creating significant value, solid competitive pricing, and rewarding end products.

One-Stop Shop Eco-System

While others focus on one product to cater to a specific customer, Rayacom Group is tackling the challenges of vertically integrating all products under one roof. Rayacom Group is acquiring technology frameworks, equipment, and a suite of manufacturing capabilities to help our businesses effectively target all services customers value the most. Ranging from Folding carton packaging, commercial printing, direct mail, corrugated boxes, labels, signage, In house die manufacturing.

Efficient, low-cost mass Printing

We are acquiring and deploying an increasing number of technologies and equipment to help drive down the cost of printing while reducing waste. The Rayacom Group equipment list act as a building block to help Rayacom Group businesses fulfill the saving needs of their customers. Rayacom Groups businesses have the freedom to use these services in creating the best solutions for their customers.

Efficient Supply chain system

The Rayacom Group sourcing team leverages volume, deep category expertise, and access to deep discounts to negotiate better deals with our suppliers. This strategy increases purchasing efficiency and saves a lot of money each year.

Industry-leading turnaround times

Through continued investment in innovative technology and streamlining internal processes, Rayacom has the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We understand that speed is a vital service element to our clients, particularly as delays can negatively affect the project. This is why we continue to invest and improve our service offering, exploring new and innovative ways for continual improvement. As a result, we believe we continue to lead the industry.